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can someoen talk to me about yume nikki and .flow without putting shitty memes on this post

here are 14 yume nikki and .flow facts!

  1. The origins of Madotsuki’s dream imagery is likely Peruvian art, not Aztec as it’s commonly believed. There is a pretty good thread on uboachan (with images!) that discuss this. You need to scroll down a bit.
  2. 24Effects is a free Yume Nikki remix album. It’s worth noting that one (or two) of the creatures on the album art has been dummied out in the most recent YN update.
  3. lolrust (creator of .flow) has shown a photo of himself wearing a gasmask and an outfit similiar to the character Smile. lolrust also adores Monoko and even says it in .flow’s readme files.
  4. On the other hand, little is known about kikiyama.
  5. the Yume Nikki manga isn’t canon (not by kikiyama), but it’s probably as official as we are going to get.
  6. .flow has a 160+ page doujinshi. I recommend you read chapter 2 and onwards while listening to this.
  7. Yume Nikki has at least one printed fan anthology book
  8. .flow needs a printed fan anthology book
  9. Though all of the Kaibutsu are stated by lolrust to be female, fan interpretations can vary widely. One of the most common configurations seem to be two boys and one girl, though in the earlier days of the .flow fandom it was two girls and one boy. (in the even earlier days of the fandom (2009-early 2010), fanart portray all 3 as girls. Granted there were only 2-3 .flow fanartists at the time)
  10. Masada’s instrument probably a synth organ and not a piano due to how it sounds. Masada himself has several different “voices” that seem to be indicative of his emotion.
  11. v. 0.10 is the first .flow update with the endings implemented. there has been 0.15, 0.16, 0.17, and 0.18 since. 
  12. we don’t know if kikiyama has played .flow, but we are pretty sure lolrust has played Yume Nikki. We also know lolrust has made cookies shaped like Yume Nikki characters.
  13. Although Takofuusen is infamously known for its infinitesimal encounter rate of 1/3600, this is said to reset every 0.5 seconds, so the chances of seeing the creature is actually rather high.
  14. bird school skeleton trumpet shiba inu let it go from frozen rick astley alien mom spaghetti scalene triangle
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